A Top Chicago Area Strip Club

When it’s time to see the action, visit Scores Chicago Strip Club and check out the hottest exotic dancers.  Any night of the week that you stop by this gentlemen’s club, expect to see a bevy of beautiful women, as our adult entertainment club boasts more than 100 stunning strippers.

No matter what type of woman that you prefer, she’ll be there to tantalize you. There is no place more impressive than SCORES to spoil and entertain your clients, or host and cater your next party or event. Be it bachelor parties, corporate events, birthday parties, divorce parties, holiday parties, employee appreciation parties, Scores Strip Club will take care of your every need.


Conveniently located near downtown Chicago, those in Oakbrook, Des Plaines, Schaumburg, and Rosemont are all within proximity to this Chicago Strip Club.  Close to O’Hare International Airport as well, even visitors from other states should stop by here to take the edge off business travels.  Spend the night at the nearby Double Tree Hotel, the Hyatt, Renaissance, or Hilton after an evening of fun. Thinking about employment as a Scores dancer, waitress or bartender then visit the jobs page. 

Scores Strip Club is a club that has a big reputation to live up to and largely delivers thanks to some of the most attractive women in Chicago. There’s plenty to do at this Chicago dance club other than eat and drink however. The President’s Room will inspire you with half bare dancers flaunting sexy bodies. These attractive ladies are handpicked by Scores to be the most outwardly satisfying in the zone. Much the same as with the outlandish dancers, Chicago strippers are of numerous nationalities and races so that your own inclinations are met. 

So Why is Scores Chicago the Best Gentlemen's Club?

Chicago Strip Club Admission Pass

Open Until 5am-7 Days a Week.

15 Jumbo Screen TVs.

Two Full Liquor Bars.


Over 100 of Chicago’s Most Beautiful Women!

This Chicago Strip Club is open seven days a week, making it easy to book your next big event here. Stop by anytime Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 5 a.m. Once the weekend hits, get ready to party it up on Saturdays and Sundays from 6 p.m. until 5 a.m.

Managers Specials

1) Beautiful Women

 Yep! There is no strip club in Chicago with more beautiful women. When it’s time to see the action, visit Scores Chicago Strip Club and check out the hottest exotic dancers.  Any night of the week that you stop by this gentlemen’s club, expect to see a bevy of beautiful women, as our adult entertainment club boasts more than 100 stunning strippers. No matter what type of woman that you prefer, she’ll be there to tantalize you.

2) Amazing Bar

Scores Strip Club is not just the best Chicago Strip Club thanks to its amazing strippers, the cuties behind the bar will totally make you forget about the cuties on stage “putting themselves through nursing school to ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me'”, and ply you with some of the strongest hookah in the city. With two full bars, and expert and courteous bartenders and waitresses, our servers are quick to provide you with what you want.

We serve alcohol and have a variety of mixed drinks to suite your taste. We also offer all kinds of beers including your favorite beers. With five large stages, you are guaranteed that our superb and highly talented dancers will thrill you with many dance moves for your viewing pleasure. Scores Chicago Strip Club offers over 100 adult entertainers performing every night, no other strip club can match or beat the level of entertainment offered by Scores Chicago Strip Club. What beats being served by beautiful women while having amazing girls strip the night away?

3) VIP Entertainment Room

You also wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity for the VIP room-adult-entertainment. For those that need to appreciate a cozier affair, the VIP seating is the approach. To arrive, you should simply call ahead or say the VIP-room upon your entry. This VIP seating is just at a stage near our champagne rooms. Here, you’re the king of the castle in this space, which includes probably the most excellent ladies you’ll ever observe. Your solace is organized with extravagance seating, table moving just before your eyes, and full access to the bar and eatery menu with private hold up staff.


As you enter Scores, you feel as you’ve been magically transported to an ancient adult play land filled with gorgeous and exotic women. Scores Strip Club offers an unforgettable experience each and every visit.

From the moment you arrive you will be awed by the décor, phenomenal talent and impeccable service.  Scores Strip Club Chicago features five stages for your viewing pleasure!  Our establishment and staff set Scores apart from all other Chicago land adult entertainment venues.

Chicago is known for full nudity strip clubs that offer full contact dances. Scores brings adult entertainment to the next level with handpicked exotic dancers who know how to have fun. We hand pick our dancers and only top notch entertainers make the grade. We are known for our exquisite taste in entertainment and we are excited to invite you to our playground.

5) The Best to See a Sports Game

Are you looking for that perfect place to watch your favorite sporting teams, for Baseball, NFL games, College football and Basketball or Soccer actions, come to the perfect Chicago adult bar? We guarantee you and your friends will have a very pleasant and enjoyable experience with us. We have jumbo Television Screens with great views enabling you to see all your favorite sporting teams in action. Do you want a little close-up entertainment? No problems, we have private booth and table dancers to satisfy your taste.

Scores Chicago Strip Club also offers Special VIP room seating when needed as previously stated. You and your friends can also watch your sports from here. Our services are available to the general public but you must be 21 to enter. The place fills up fast with locals and bachelor parties looking to angle for the best seats. Don’t go cheap on the Bachelor’s big night – call ahead and book some VIP space for the party.

6) The Best Service

This Chicago Strip Club does not just have the most beautiful women or offer you the best place to hang out with friends, we also make sure you and your friends are treated well. Besides the stunning dancers, you’ll also be amazed by the atmosphere at Scores Nightclub. As soon as you pull up to the club, a valet is available to take your car and safely park it. You can also deposit your jacket at the coat check by the entrance. Super sexy bartenders are always whipping up your favorite spirits, from the best tasting beers on tap to creative cocktails. There’s a food available on the club grounds as well with a full menu brimming with delicious handmade drink items.

And if this is your bachelor party, make sure you get there in style in a limousine. Chicago limo partners like Empire Limo, the Chicago Party Bus, Anytime Limo, 911 Van, and Royalty Limo are happy to get you to the club.

7) The Star Lite Room

If you want another amazing experience at a Chicago strip club like Scores, you will love the Star Lite Room. Upstairs, you can enter a few rooms like this one that are otherwise closed off to patrons. The dreamy atmosphere here augments the beauty of the women and the lap dance experience. The alluring Chicago strippers and dancers at this club also offer private table dances. Here, you can watch these otherworldly women shimmy, shake, and move right in front of you. If you have come to the club with a group of friends, this is a more ideal means of adult entertainment than a lap dance since that’s a personal experience.


At Scores Strip Club, your safety is a guarantee. You do not have to worry about the insecurities that come the normal strip clubs. You do not have to worry about harassment and what have you. Our independence and full engagement ensure unforgettable recreation and fun. Business clients are provided with unobtrusive invoices. You, your friends and your money are totally safe at Scores Strip Club.

9 ) Flawless Reputation

Our flawless reputation at Scores makes each and every customer who has visited our strip club at least once feel an irresistible temptation to come back again. Scores strip Club is well known in and around Chicago. We have over the years built a reputation that portrays our strip club as the best at all the above services we render. This reputation has made even people new to Chicago come to us and of course the old customers always want to revisit Scores. So, if you are new in Chicago and not sure the best place or strip club for you and your friends to go have some real fun, Scores Strip Club is the best place for you.

Due to its popularity the club attracts a solid assortment of talent.  The hot girls look amazing on stage, as well as up close.  Add its full bar and Scores can be a great Gentlemen’s Club option for your bachelor party. Scores Strip Club has been consistently recognized as one of the best Windy City Gentlemen’s Clubs. And the location (it is among the closet to the actual city of Chicago) and talent level make it an ideal choice for the Chicago bachelor party seeking a little adult entertainment.


Finally, if you do plan on visiting with some friends, whether that’s for a regular night out, a bachelor party, a birthday party, or even a divorce party, don’t forget to ask for a VIP party ahead of time. You can even get some package deals like access to some of the best rooms at Scores and bottle service. Ask about the free group admission passes too, which let you save some money that you can spend on food, drinks, or watching the women. All you have to do is print out a pass or send a text message to the club to cut group admission costs entire. 

We all love to unwind at a Chicago grown-up club here and there. In the wake of a prolonged days’ worth of effort and you are searching for that flawless place to meet and hang out with companions and perhaps have a couple drinks while viewing your most loved games groups we have an awesome suggestion for you. Come to the best Chicago Strip Club-Scores. We have more than 100 of probably the most excellent intriguing artists from everywhere throughout the world holding up to engage you.

Come encounter another level of grown-up entertainment that will spellbind you. Our visitors are dealt with like eminence and value the top quality performers that we deliberately select. Get in touch with us for more data or extraordinary demands, for example, private occasions.

The Best Choice is Scores

 So its 20 minutes into the ride from your hotel in Chicago. You guys are either sobering up or over-drunk from pounding drinks at the bar before. Everybody is starting to doubt the Best Man’s capabilities to fulfill his duties. But then it appears over the horizon. Columns and bar and spotlights. The bachelor party has arrived at this Chicago Gentlemen’s Club. It is Scores Strip Club. Scores is the closest thing Chicago has to a Vegas-style Gentlemen’s Club. The party can have their pick of spots, from the massive main room to the Master Suites. And when you need private time with your new pretend girlfriend there are private dance rooms where intimate conversations can be had. 

Scores Strip Club is arguably the best Chicago Gentlemen’s Club for a lot of reasons. First, there is the VIP Entertainment room that offers you a cozy affair, then there is the adult bar where you and your friends can watch a sports game. The luxury, elegance and amazing service of Scores also makes our Strip Club a no brainer when it comes to choosing a strip club for Gentlemen. If your crew is looking to get out of the city for your night out, or you just want to talk Hoosiers with a beautiful girl, a visit to Scores Strip Club might be just what the party needs.

Scores has become literally world famous throughout the years. Featured on Howard Stern, the strippers are one of a kind.  And with that comes the comfort and reliability you get when visiting a place like that. Sure, you may not get the Thai performer doing that awesome thing that you all cannot discuss again, but you also won’t get the mother of three with the fresh C-Section scar.

There are multiple rooms to choose from, tons of dancers, and the convenience of booking a Bachelor Package ahead of time (the fewer surprises, the better – especially at strip clubs). In a city like Chicago, where the Strip Club scene is fraught with peril, the options and the comfort of Scores might be a good thing when choosing a spot for your bachelor party.

The good news is Score’s has a full bar. The bad news is that you may need that alcohol to get into the fact that, due to some Chicago ordinance, the girls at this “topless” establishment actually wear cute latex nipple covers to go with their bikini bottoms.

Now, given that beggars can’t be choosers in this city, your bachelor party is going to have to make some sacrifices when choosing a Gentlemen’s Club. And while the pasties can be disconcerting, VIP’s does offer up some great-looking talent in a spot where your crew can settle in for a classic night of debauchery.

 Bring your party to the elegant, plus upscale nightclub that is Scores.